Small Works


A small pencil and crayon sketch for one of the allegorical landscapes. It will eventually be a larger painting addressing a line from the Inferno where ‘flakes of fire would fall like snow’.

An initial mixed media sketch that started with the idea of a churning planetary surface in turmoil and a lighter, ethereal sky-scape that exists with little impact from the chaos below.

Another mixed media sketch from the idea of a churning planetary surface and illuminated sky.


Sketch 5

Ascension, 2005

11 x 17″, graphite on paper

One of my earliest works focusing on mythologized still life. I was working on this during the passing of Pope John Paul and his final presentation before the world. This piece helped me to clarify how I wanted the still life objects to interact with their environments. Deeply honored, indebted to and inspired by Joseph Ablow, a great painter and mentor.


Sketch 7